. Balm N1

Balm N1

Medical balm N1 is used for gangrenous ulcers, acute hemorrhoids, plain and acute levels of burns (especially during the first degree of burn), herpes zoster, acute and chronic arthrosis arthritis treatment with the method of phonophoresis, teeth extraction (removal), stomatitis, alveolitis, all forms of paradontosis, children suffering from oral mucus iris leucosis, after chirurgic operation of malignant cancer: for hastening treatment for head, neck, vagina and body surface wounds, acute and chronic auris purulent pneumonia, furunculus (in the ear, nose and body surface), coryza, chronic epididymitis cured based on phonophoresis method (adjunct pneumonia), mastitis, mosquito bite and every kind of chronic unrecovered ulcers, which are distinguished by delivering great pain.

It is noticeable that, after greasing balm N1, patient becomes free from great pain at once. 

About the balm

Ketevan Uznadze-Mchedlishvili has worked in medical institution's chirurgic and hospital departments for 52 years, as intern, assistant and later than as professor.

In 1954 she began working on medical topic about endarteritis obliterans of limbs' arteries, which is followed by gangrene illnesses.